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Citizen Diplomacy

Annabella Johnson is the Founder & President

Who we Are

An Association of Professional Global Ugandans who serve as socioeconomic change agents in Uganda and abroad through interaction with the diplomatic and international community. Interactions are through socio-cultural, socio-economic and knowledge-based programs and events.

The Association is built on the concept of citizen diplomacy which promotes each individual forming a peaceful and meaningful person to personal international and inter-cultural relationship. The Association aligns its goals with the global reverse migration agenda which serves to encourage Global Ugandans to return home and serve as social change agents for sustainable and profitable socio-economic activities that contribute to Nations development.

Diplomat256 is a strong advocate and committed champion for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals especially:

  • Goal#4:

    Quality Education

  • Goal#16:

    Peace Justice and Strong Institutions

  • Goal#17:

    Partnership for the Goals

Uganda being an active member state of the African Union, Diplomat256 strives to ensure that activities are in alignment with the aspirations of the AU agenda 2063 with commitment on the core projects and strategies to ensures that we “promote Africa as a strong, united, resilient and influential global player and partner.”

For the educational programs, whether social, cultural or education Diplomat256’s intention is to ensure that these programs are in alignment with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development under the guidance of the Agenda Knowledge for development established and championed by the Knowledge for Development Partnership programs and Knowledge city initiatives.


To nurture purposeful global engagement at a person-to-person level where individuals share and participate in building an international community within Uganda


To foster educational, cultural and social engagement with the diplomatic and international community in Uganda through inter-cultural and socio-economic relationships and partnerships

D256 activities and projects are aligned with the Uganda Vision 2040 roadmap for National Development specifically addressing the challenges on effective tackling of the challenges on Diaspora Human Capital.
1. Untapped Skills and expertise

2. Lack of an integration framework for returnees

Projects that I support



Gulu Youth Conference

A platform to unleash the full potential of youth in Northern Uganda.

Mambya Arts Foundation

Mambya Arts Foundation

Fundraising and Sponsorship

A platform to express and communicate thoughts and ideas relevant to their respective lives through the performing arts.



Techkids Uganda Program

Helping Ugandan children develop computational thinking skills by teaching programming.

Global Ugandan Partnership

Turning dialogue into Action

A programme that explores and addresses how research, industry best practices and visionary thoughts contribute to the shaping of Uganda’s future.